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On Account of Sex is the story of a conflict between two giants of American history -- one famous, the other forgotten. His name is Woodrow Wilson. Her name is Alice Paul.
Their conflict created a revolution in American life that began with women demanding the right to vote...
Read the treatment for On Account of Sex.

Smithson's Legacy is a one-hour collection of stories, each story centered on an object selected from the Smithsonian Institution’s treasure trove...
Read the treatment for Smithson's Legacy.

In Their Footsteps is a series of documentaries featuring the travel experiences of famous historical characters -- adventurers, explorers, writers and soldiers. The idea is to transport you in time. Make you feel as if you are there. In each show we are guided by special people whose diaries, journals and written observations combine with the voices of their contemporaries to tell fascinating stories of travel and adventure.
Read the treatment and two scripts for In Their Footsteps.


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