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In Their Footsteps is a series of documentaries featuring the travel experiences of famous historical characters -- adventurers, explorers, writers and soldiers. The idea is to transport you in time. Make you feel as if you are there. In each show we are guided by special people whose diaries, journals and written observations combine with the voices of their contemporaries to tell fascinating stories of travel and adventure.

Hemingway in Paris
Edgar Rice Burroughs at Pearl Harbor
Mark Twain in a new nation called Germany.
Schlieman in Troy
General George S. Patton in France and Germany
T. E. Lawrence, military strategist, in the Sinai and the Suez
Rudyard Kipling in America
Walter Scott midst clan rivalries and border wars.
Abigail Adams in the capitols of Europe
Sir Richard Burton in the heart of Africa
John Wesley Powell on the Colorado River
James Cook in Hawaii
Agatha Christie in Egypt
Henri Gaugin in Tahiti
Dorothea Lange in California during the depression
Jacques Cousteau in Peru
Darwin in the Galapagos
Jesse Owens in India on a peace mission
Cross the Alps with Hannibal
T. E. Lawrence, military strategist, in the Sinai and the Suez
Jack London's Alaska
Lewis and Clark

Music and artful cinematography support the narrative.

Read the scripts for Lewis and Clark, and Hemingway in Paris.


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